There are board games and then there are addicting board games. There are lesser known board games that are so entertaining it will leave you hooked. In this blog post, we will list down 10 of the most addicting board games you probably haven’t heard before.


There has been an ongoing debate whether card games count as board games; let’s just say it is. Netrunner is one of those addicting board games you didn’t know existed. It has a cyberpunk-ish theme to it that appeals to most die-hard board game lovers.


You may have heard of this game before but that was – most probably – the computer game of the same name. This Civilisation board game is popular because its high interaction level with other players. The game can be addicting and may last longer than five hours.

Colt Express

This game revolves around a train robbery. You play a bandit robbing a train with other bandits. The goal of the game is to become the most successful outlaw in the Old West. This game can be addicting especially if you play it as a drinking game.

Game of Thrones

We know that some of you haven’t watched a single series of GOT. However, you don’t have to watch the series just to get into the game. Even if you know nothing this fun and intense strategy game is still as enjoyable and addicting.

Escape from Atlantis

This game has been around since the 80s (it went by the name “Survive!”). The game’s goal is to try to escape the sinking island by “helping” each other. And by helping we mean trap other players to feed them to harmless creatures like sharks.


How come you have never heard of this game? This board game is pretty much loved by party lovers around. This game can hold five to seven players in one round wherein they ask each other’s trivia questions like what is the average height of the giraffes. The player with the highest points will get the point.

Cards Against Humanity

This card game is perfect for those who love to hang out with friends as well as those who find pop culture and mainstream media interesting. Though this may be fun, this game is not for kids for two reasons: 1.) it takes time to fully understand how the game works and 2.) it can get a bit raunchy. 


This role playing game is popular among those creative types. Fiasco comes with six-sided dices of two different colours. Just like Cards Against Humanity, it may take a while to fully understand how the game rolls but once you’re in, you will be hooked for a very long time.


Coup requires strategy skills to play and can be played by two to six players. When you’re into poker, you can use the bluff-detecting skills to your advantage. The game involves five different cards which allow you to do an action or prevent someone from doing an action. The sneakier you are the better.

City of Remnants

This game is not perfect but it doesn’t discount the fact that this is one of the most addicting board games you probably haven’t heard of before. Like some of the games included in this list, City of Remnants requires strategic skills to be played. It’s like a medley of different board games mashed into one, making a complex game that can leave you hooked once you get the hang of it.

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