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Best Places to Eat in Bantry

5 Best Places to Eat in Bantry

Located at the head of the vast and deep Bantry Bay and surrounded by lush fields, it’s no wonder that Bantry offers some of the best places to eat in Cork. Becoming a fairtrade town in 2006 and boasting

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best seafood restaurants bantry

5 Best Seafood Restaurants in Bantry

Bantry is located at the head of Bantry Bay and this fair trade town takes full advantage of the freshest seafood produce going. With seafood restaurants dotted left, right and centre it can be difficult

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things to do in bantry

Top 5 Things to Do in Bantry

The beautiful town of Bantry is located on the West Coast of Ireland at the head of Bantry Bay. This relatively small town is host to a variety of food outlets and things to do but it can be hard to decide

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best restaurants bantry

Top 5 Restaurants in Bantry

The beautiful town of Bantry is located at the head of Bantry Bay on the coast of West County Cork, Ireland. This quaint little town boasts a surprisingly high number of places to eat given the relatively

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box of frogs bantry

Top 5 Coffee Shops in Bantry

There’s nothing more comforting when you’ve been out all afternoon seeing the sights, than sitting down with a coffee and a cake. The beautiful town of Bantry offers plenty of things to do but even

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coffee in cork

5 Best Cafes in Bantry, Cork

Whether you are new to the area or just looking for a new café to enjoy, you will want to know where the best places to go are. This is especially true if you are a tourist who knows nothing about the

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woman having breakfast in cork

5 Best Places in Bantry for Breakfast

Are you looking for something new to eat for breakfast? Are you new to the area and want suggestions of places to try? Maybe you are a tourist in the area and want to know where the best breakfast in Bantry

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fresh fruit salad

Lose Weight With This Balanced Week Long Diet Plan

Losing weight can be difficult but when you get a great meal plan of delicious foods, you will get more joy out of your dieting journey. Dieting does not mean that you have to starve or eat food that makes

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