Bulletproof Coffee is unlike any other coffee you have ever had or experienced. It is basically super coffee. This coffee has a huge impact on your body’s energy levels and overall cognitive functions. Bulletproof Coffee is a coffee recipe that combines grass-fed butter, “upgraded” black coffee, and a medium-chain triglyceride or MCT oil. It is also very simple

The ingredients seem simple enough but each provide as essential element that makes Bulletproof Coffee super coffee.

Why Bulletproof Coffee is Good for You

The usual carb-heavy morning breakfast meals work by giving you a huge burst energy right after eating. However, by the middle of the day you are going to end up feeling completely drained when your blood sugar crashes. By drinking Bulletproof Coffee at the start of your day your body will:

Bulletproof Coffee bantry

Be supplied with long-lasting energy

The MCT oil is the fastest oil that your body can absorb which is what makes Bulletproof Coffee so effective. The grass-fed butter helps by slowing down the absorption of the coffee’s caffeine. When your body slowly absorbs caffeine, you experience a steady stream of energy for a prolong amount of time without any jitters.

Suppress hunger

The target types of fats within Bulletproof Coffee helps suppress your hunger for HOURS. You will not experience craving after drinking Bulletproof Coffee because it balances your blood sugar and the hormones that cause hunger. When your body is running on sugar instead of fats, you are more likely to experience a craving for carbs soon after digestion.

Lose weight

Bulletproof Coffee can serve as your main breakfast meal since it is so effective for suppressing your hunger. It also helps reduce cravings so you have better control of your diet throughout your morning up until lunch. By combining a cup of Bulletproof Coffee every morning along with a healthy diet, you will begin to lose weight.

Have a clear, unfoggy mind

When your brain is running on fats instead of sugars, it can maintain focus. Not to mention that the fats contained in Bulletproof Coffee also prevent “brain fog”. “Brain fog” is a symptom of your brain crashing from its sugar high.

Usually after drinking regular coffee, you will need to grab a couple of cups before it is time for lunch. Bulletproof Coffee will carry you out to lunch and then some! The amount of energy you get from just one cup goes above and beyond your average cup of coffee. Bulletproof Coffee will also outdo any heavy-carb breakfast diet that promises long-lasting energy.

Bulletproof Coffee Overall

Overall, Bulletproof Coffee is a great way to start your day since it has a strong, all-day effect. The ingredients are natural and provide energy in a way that is healthy for your body. Your body gets energy through healthy fats, which do not make you gain weight, that help control the caffeine within the coffee. You will find that after trying Bulletproof Coffee once, you won’t want to go back to regular coffee.