How did we ever lose the amazing Bantry Mussel Fair!? Perhaps we have forgotten about the Bantry Mussel Fair’s great features and qualities. Here are a couple of reasons the fair deserves to return to its former glory!

A Chance to Explore Bantry

The Bantry Mussel Fair was one of the best excuses to visit Bantry! It is a lovely coastal town that has a local Irish charm unlike other towns in the areas. It has a variety of local features to show off that are unique to it coastal area.

Provides Employment

The Bantry Mussel Fair provided employment for 120 full-time positions and up to 250 part-timer positions. It was one of Bantry’s biggest events meaning that visitors would bring a plentiful flow of money into the town. Without the Bantry Mussel Fair, it is hard to say whether Bantry has ever been the same.

Free Mussels

The biggest highlight of the Bantry Mussel Fair was the free mussels! You would have to be crazy to miss out on Bantry’s legendary mussels. The town is famous for its seafood so you know that they were serving up some amazing mussels.

Brighten the Town

There was no bigger event in Bantry than the Bantry Mussel Fair! The fair was originally created to help the town out of financial depression following the Betelgeuse oil tanker explosion. Since then it became one of Bantry’s cultural traditions.

Fun Entertainment

Besides the free food and employment opportunities, the Bantry Mussel Fair also offered a wide variety of fun entertainment. The fair had a full program of events, like games and open-air concerts. Not to mention that a good number of the events were free!


The Bantry Mussels Fair became a part of the town’s local culture. The fair had been celebrated for over 10 years and Bantry deserves to have such a strong tradition return. The Bantry Mussels Fair was literally developed to help bring the town back to life only for it to be lost again.

Its History  

The Bantry Mussel Fair used to be the town’s biggest event, usually bringing in up to 20,000 tourists to the town. Over the years, it developed into one of Bantry’s most distinguishing features. Without the festival Bantry really lost a great edge over our beautiful competition along the west coast of Cork.

Brings Financial Stability

The fair was one of Bantry’s biggest source of cashflow and it helped support the town’s many local businesses. The tourism from the Bantry Mussel fair was great for the town’s economy and would take little effort to revive.

An Authentic Irish Event

During the fair’s most successful years, it was renowned for being one of Ireland’s most authentic Irish event. The Bantry Mussels Fair was full of Irish culture which made it a must-visit event for tourists looking for an authentic celebration. 

A Unique Experience

The Bantry Mussel Fair is a unique and brilliant celebration of all that is great about irish culture and Bantry itself. It has been unfortunately lost to time but now we need to revive it! Bantry deserves The Bantry Mussel Fair to be back!If you agree, please place your support (and any ideas) in the comments below. Thank you