More than just a cafe. Box of Frogs is an intimate performance and event space in Bantry.

Our vision for Box of Frogs has always been more than the food and drinks we serve. Although nourishing the community’s bellies is of huge importance to us, so is nourishing their souls.

We see our cafe being a platform for artists and musicians. Anyone who has visited Box of Frogs will see we often have local artwork on display and we’ve also had the occasional pop-up music event in the evening. We want to be a cultural hub, bringing food, music and art together in one space. Therefore we bring you Bridewell Escape.

For obvious reasons, 2020 has not been a good year to see this vision become a reality but, when this is all over, we’ll be there to help our community reconnect through the shared enjoyment of food and the arts.

If you’re interested in hiring out Box of Frogs/Bridewell Escape for a future event, or you’re a musician or artist who would be interested in using the space please get in touch.