Ah, winter. Who doesn’t love the season that gives you the excuse to drink tea endlessly while wearing those MASSIVE homemade socks!For those not heading to the tropics at Christmas and staying in beloved Bantry, come on down to us here at the Box of Frogs and we’ll take care of you.Aside from our amazing seasonal, Christmas deals (Updates will come on Facebook here)  Here are five reasons to love the best cafe in Bantry, the Box of Frogs in Winter 🙂

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Warm drinks Are even more Delightful and Enjoyable in Winter!

Every cloud has a silver lining and one Winter lining is the mini enjoyment of a mug full of warm coffee, tea or chocolate warming your cold hands as you come in from a brisk walk.Make the moment even more enjoyable with pastries, whipped cream or marsh mallows perhaps (I’m a devil for them).Pair a warm favourite beverage with some hearty biscuits or sweet pastries and the Winter season is something to be enjoyed. That comforting warmth coming from a cup between your hands can only be appreciated during a chilly weather season.So take sometime to feel that good warm feeling here at the Box of Frogs.

More Time to Bond With Family and Friends

Cold on the outside makes it easier to be warm on the inside :)You have the whole year to be busy with your life. But since winter is – more often than not – a time to have a little break, you can take advantage of these moments and use it to spend time with your loved ones. Come over to the Box of Frogs and perhaps enjoy one of our sharing platters of food and drinks while you catch up over hours of conversations and laughter in a cozy, warm cafe.

Finish that book with a nice warm cup of tea at the Box of Frogs

Finish that Book!

That bestselling book sitting on your side table isn’t going to finish itself. Now that winter is here, you can set a goal to finish the book you’ve been itching to finish. And what’s the best way to enjoy a book? In a comfy place with a freshly brewed coffee and a slice of cake within reach. Boom!

get Creative!

If you’re one of the few amazing people who have finished all their books 🙂 then you have plenty of time to wake up your creative side. Do you have a story in your mind?Feeling a little poetic? Do you used to sketch? Tap into your inner artist at Box of Frogs with some warm, healthy and hearty food to nourish your artistic soul.

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why not simply Relax

You ever just sit, tea and newspaper at hand and watch the world go by. It can be one of the nicest things to do to rejuvenate a mind.Given the Box of Frogs cafe is protected on both sides down the narrow Brideswell Lane, it is one of the best places in Bantry to sit outside on a cold day to enjoy that hot chocolate, tea or coffee as the walls protect you from any cold wind.Simply spend the day people watching. It’s okay to be idle sometimes – it can be beneficial, Come on down to the Box of Frogs this inter for a great meal and coffee and unwind.